We insure such service for our partners which we can achieve their recognition with, which can make us so satified that we can say: there was a sense of our work.

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Once with the Romania’s EU integration, a series of non-refundable funds will be directed towards the elaboration of development projects in the rural environment.  Throughout 2007-2013, our country will benefit by approx. EURO 19.7 billion from EU, as a support from the Structural and Cohesion Funds for the accomplishment of the national development priorities, with a view to reducing the gaps between Romania and the EU member states.            

Taking into account that the role of the technical assistance and consulting service received is essential for the success of every local administration, we consider that, by the support of our team of professionals, SVS City Media company is in condition to guide the potential beneficiaries step by step and to contribute to a favorable balance of the entire process for accessing the Structural Funds. 

The experience of SVS City Media specialists brings a competitive advantage in structuring and preparing the extremely complex documentation needed to the application for Structural Funds.
Our clients benefit by the entire support needed during the contractual period until the moment of receiving the financing. There are included a number of profile services. 
At the same time,  SVS City Media team ensure all the consulting services regarding the eligibility of the proposed project, the elaboration of the documentation within the financing demand, its submitting and verification, consulting service for obtaining the co-financing and the submission of documentation for implementation. 

The abovementioned services also include:

  • Elaboration of the documentation for project;
  • Data gathering;
  • Feasibility studies;
  • Financial consulting for drawing up a business plan;
  • Marketing strategies;
  • Planning of services; 
  • Pre-contracts;
  • Investment credit file;
  • List of approvals and documents;
  • Financing demand;
  • Submission of the documentation to the authority; 
  • Verifying the documentation submitted for approval

By this project, SVS City Media Company is willing to support directly all the representatives of the local administrations interested in using effectively
the huge opportunity of Structural Funds and in further contributing to the capitalization of the opportunities existing in the Romanian rural environment. 

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