We insure such service for our partners which we can achieve their recognition with, which can make us so satified that we can say: there was a sense of our work.

www.primariaonline.ro is the only portal that presents the local administrations in Romania classified depending on the investment opportunities they offer and, at the same time, offers varied (economic, social, political, administrative) accurate information that come to the aid of both their members and the potential investors. 

Just by being informed, we succeed in bringing a significant input for the localities in the country, their record in this portal pointing out the major areas and objectives in Romania.  By means of www.primariaonline.ro they benefit by many facilities, such as: weekly online information bulletins, possibility of direct interaction of the local administrations’ members with those interested in the potential of the respective locality, the promotion of the localities on other sites of interest, and by means of the TV channels.    

The issuing of the primariaonline.ro brochure represents another information instrument for mayors and includes columns on the development programs, details regarding the accession of funds and legislations, monthly polls and questionnaires, assuring us of their active involvement.  
With an ever-growing number of visitors and a significant advance of the Internet consumption, the only portal of all the Town Halls in the country is a real asset for any local administration in the country, presenting all across the world the investment advantages of the regions in Romania.

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